At DaoAI, we push the limits of automation technology.

Our Mission

At DaoAI, we are paving the way for the next generation of factory robots.

Our dream is to make robotic vision an essential component of automation by increasing its accessibility to all labour-intensive industries. Through this process, we hope to offer cutting-edge AI and computer vision solutions to the automated factories of the future.

Our System in Action

The world is changing! As the pace of work accelerates, the world's tendency to move from manpower into autonomous AI is inevitable. To aid humans in manufacturing, robots are increasingly being deployed in the front-lines of industry. Meanwhile, the DaoAI system is playing a crucial role in assisting these robots in detecting, identifying, and picking objects.

Work with us.

We're looking for:

Talented and tenacious researchers, engineers, business, and product experts to help us define the future of automation and advance the field of Artificial Intelligence.

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