Market-leading provider of
3D Vision and AI systems for robot guidance

DaoAI builds automation products for the factories of the future. It is our mission to make robotic vision accessible to all industries by providing high-quality hardware, software, and technical support.

Our high-quality 3D vision and software can empower your robots with recognition.

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High-quality 3D color vision for robotic pick and place.

Bin-Picking Cameras

Working distance from 500-3000mm. High precision and large FOV.

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State-of-the-art solutions for industrial pick-and-place workflows

Vision System

Backed by cutting edge research and delivered through an intuitive graphical programming interface. Usage in the automotive, fulfillment, and distribution industries.

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Super-high resolution for 3D inspection of small objects.

Inspection Camera

Perfect for inspecting smaller object in a very short distance.

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Part loading/ unloading project stage-two application

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Part loading/ unloading project stage-one application

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Screw washer adding application

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Box Pick-and-Place Application

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Code scanning solution on box palletization application

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Snack sorting and boxing application

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Items pick-sort application in Food Industry

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Air-conditioner evaporator gluing application

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Our Customers and Partners

For the past 3 years, we have been providing high-quality automation services to customers in various industries throughout the world. Our goal is to deliver success to your business with our vast range of cutting-edge technologies, including our in-house cameras, and Robot Control software.”

Supported Robot Brands

DaoAI interface simplifies the configuration and execution of robot applications. Check out the document for more details on installation setup.

Robot Not on the List?

No problem! We supply all of the information you need to integrate your robot’s brand into our system.