Seat Offloading

What is Seat Offloading?
Implementing an automation strategy, car seats are pre-installed onto the frame, streamlining the seat installation process and enhancing efficiency in automotive manufacturing.
MacBook mockup
Robotic Arm
3D Camera
Seat Frames
Conveyor Belt


Instant Detection

Our advanced BP Studio software is equipped with state-of-the-art vision AI detection capabilities that ensure precision with an error margin of less than or equal to 2mm.

Quality Control

We use precise robotic control and computer vision to flawlessly install seats onto frames, avoiding any scratches or collisions.

Increase Productivity

We achieve an impressive cycle time of less than 4 minutes per iteration, coupled with an exceptional repetitive accuracy surpassing 99.99%.

Wide Compatability

BP Studio seamlessly supports mixed seat and frame series on the production line, effortlessly identifying and pairing the correct frame with each seat

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