Glue Application

What is Glue Application?
This solution is employed for the automated application of hot melt adhesive in air conditioning unit evaporators, ensuring precise positioning of product components without interrupting the production line, and guaranteeing accurate adhesive coverage.
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Robotic Arm
Application Fixture
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Efficient Production

Our solution is designed for rapid production cycles, achieving a remarkable cycle time of less than 6 seconds and a maximum output of 400 pieces per hour.

Precise Application

We can achieve automatic vision recognition with gap widths precision of ≤ 2mm and maintains film rewinding gaps below 4mm, ensuring efficient and precise adhesive

High Finish Quality

Our solution ensures a pristine finish, free from drawing, carbonization, glue leakage, running, and surface scratches.

Quick Changeover

Our solution enables rapid evaporator changes, with tooling fixture and program switching taking less than 6 minutes, ensuring minimal downtime for enhanced

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