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How to Use the DaoAI World

Welcome to a new chapter in data annotation excellence! Today, we're thrilled to introduce you to our groundbreaking DaoAI World tool – an innovative tool with artificial intelligence to transform your annotation experience. In this blog, we'll guide you through harnessing the full potential of this powerful tool, ensuring you unlock every facet of its efficiency and precision.


Getting Started: Your Annotation Journey Begins Here

Starting this venture is incredibly straightforward. Whether you're an experienced professional or a newcomer to the realm of data annotation, DaoAI’s World is crafted with user-friendliness at its core.

1. Accessing the Tool:

Log in or sign up with your [Company Name] account.

2. Create Your Project:

Click on the "Create Project" button to create a project folder for your data.

Our tool supports various annotation types, making it flexible for different detection tasks.

3. Loading Your Data:

Click on the upload area or drag images to load your dataset into the tool.

Our tool supports various file formats, making it versatile for different types of annotation tasks.

4. Save and Continue

Click on the "Save and Continue" button to the next step, Annotation.

Harnessing the Power of AI: Annotate with Precision

Now, let's explore the essence of our DaoAI World Tool – its distinctive AI integration. Once your data is uploaded, the tool's AI algorithms come to life, actively examining patterns and proposing labels.

1. Start Annotating

You can see how many images are loaded, and how many you have annotated.

You can click on the "Start Annotate" button to start your annotation.

2. **Polygon Tool**

  • If you prefer the traditional approach, that's perfectly fine – it's available for you here!
  • Why not consider the more intelligent alternative?

3. **Smart Polygon Tool**

  • Hover over an object or region in your data and watch as the tool intelligently proposes relevant labels.
  • Use the tool's intuitive interface to refine and adjust annotations as needed.
  • Enjoy the seamless collaboration between human expertise and AI assistance for precise labeling.

4. **Label Assist**

  • Applying your existing model to assist in annotating new data by loading the previous model and project.

5. **Repeat Prev**

  • Repeating annotations for images with numerous instances of objects can be tedious. No need to fret—utilize the "Repeat Prev" feature to automatically replicate annotations from the previous image.
  • Voila, the labels are generated just like those in the preceding image.

Training Your Model: Empowering Your Annotations

As you commence your venture with World, we recognize the importance of not only annotating data but also seamlessly leveraging the power to train your models. Our platform provides a comprehensive solution, enabling you to train your annotated dataset right here.

1. Source Images

  • Take a moment to review your annotated images here, they are ready for training.
  • Click "Continue" to advance to the next step.

2. Data Usage

Choose how many images will go into the training, verification, and testing mix.

Watch the magic happen as our system puts your model to the test with your chosen images.

3. Preprocessing

Apply a suite of preprocessing steps to fine-tune your dataset.

These preprocessing boost performance or reduce your training time.

4. Augmentation

Add a dash of excitement by applying different augmentation techniques to your training dataset.

Each augmentation jazzes up your dataset, making your model more adaptable and ready for those tricky object detection scenarios.

5. Generate

Click on the "Generate" button to start training.

While the system does its thing, kick back, relax, and the model will be ready soon!

6. Status

Check each training status effortlessly.

Explore detailed setup parameters and graphical representations.

Estimate completion times for effective planning.

Check, Test, and Beyond

Your journey with World doesn't end with training; it extends into the exciting realms of deployment and testing. Here's how you can let your model roam freely and ensure it's ready for any scenario:

1. Sample Inspection

Experiment with different result thresholds to understand how they impact your model's predictions.

Find the sweet spot that aligns with your specific requirements and expectations.

2. Quick Upload Testing

Test your model's versatility by introducing new images.

Swiftly test its capabilities against fresh scenarios and ensure it's up to the challenge.

3. Health Check

Get a quick snapshot of your dataset, highlighting its key characteristics.

Understand the composition and distribution of your annotated data.

Use insights from the Health Check to fine tune your dataset and improve model accuracy.


What's Next?

The world of AI and machine learning is dynamic and so is the future of DaoAI’s World. Here's what awaits on the horizon:

Anticipate the infusion of even smarter AI capabilities, enhancing the tool's proficiency in annotation and training processes;

Envision collaborative tools that foster seamless teamwork, elevating the collective annotation experience for teams;

Anticipate the tool's evolution to address an even broader spectrum of use cases, making it an indispensable asset across various industries.

Conclusion: Elevate Your Workflow

In wrapping up, we've journeyed through the intricacies of the DaoAI World Tool:

Smart Annotation Mastery: Unleash precision with AI-driven annotations.

Efficient Training: Seamlessly transition from annotation to training.

Track with Confidence: Monitor your model's journey effortlessly.

Deploy and Test: Test adaptability swiftly with new scenarios.


Thanks for being part of this adventure. Let's continue to annotate smarter and innovate together!

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December 12, 2023