Bin Picking Camera


Bin Picking Camera


Bin Picking Camera


Bin Picking Camera


Compact Powerhouse

Experience unparalleled performance in a compact package with our lightweight and small-sized 3D camera. Redefine possibilities with a powerful yet portable solution for diverse industrial applications.

Detailed Precision in Challenging Environments

Achieve meticulous results in challenging conditions with our 3D camera's specialized capabilities, excelling in capturing intricate details of reflective and oily parts. Experience unparalleled precision, ensuring reliable performance in diverse industrial settings.

High-Speed Imaging Precision

Capture the moment with exceptional speed and precision using our 3D camera, achieving image capture in just 0.1 seconds. Redefine efficiency in high-speed applications without compromising on the quality of your results.

Visualize the Power of our Cameras

Sample point cloud of a reflective objects.

Sample point cloud of a dark objects.

Sample point cloud of a snack bin.

Sample point cloud of reflective objects.

Versatile Field of View
Working Distance
500 - 1000 mm
FOV @ optimal FOV
617 x 394 mm
Use Cases

Close-Range Object Precision

Optimize your automation with our 3D camera's ability to pick objects at short distances. Experience enhanced precision and efficiency, ensuring accurate handling of components in close-proximity applications.


AGV-Ready Integration

Seamlessly integrate our 3D camera into your AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) system, unlocking enhanced automation capabilities. With a design ready for mounting, redefine the potential of your AGV operations with precision and ease.

Technical Specifications
Working distance
500 - 1000 mm
Field of view @ optimal working distance
617 x 394 mm
120 mm
Point cloud resolution/ Visual output
1.6 Megapixels
Calibration accuracy
0.2 mm
Z-axis repeatability
0.1 mm
3D capture time
0.8 - 1.3s
Camera configuration
Dual-cam; Blue LED
180 x 182 x 70 mm
1.2 kg
Operating temperature
0 – 40°C
Passive Cooling


On-arm 3D camera for autonomous mobile robot applications.
Working Distance
500 - 1000 mm
FOV @ optimal FOV
617 x 394 mm

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