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Breakthrough Deep Learning Recognition Models

Highly optimized deep learning pipelines are integrated seamlessly into the system. With small amount of data training, Vision Studio can deliver excellent performance.  Able to recognize any object shape, metal parts, boxes, bags etc.., and predict the 6D pose directly.

Pinpoint accuracy in robot-camera 3D calibration

Accurate robot and camera calibration with automated or guided calibration processes, result into 0.05-0.2mm accuracy

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Support a vast range of classical computer vision

Vision Studio has highly-optimized vision tools for geometric pattern matching, 6d pose estimation and refinement, part measurement and metrology.

Object Segmentation & Classification

Advanced AI technology to recognize and classify anything

3D Object Locating

Accurate object finding with 3D features

Pose Refinement

Precise and easily configured object matching with images

Advanced Geometric Model Matching

Precise object locating with high converging speed

Massive efficiency improvements in multiple industries

While Vision Studio has been used in industries across the globe, we continue to strive and improve in order to help our customer to increase efficiency drastically in the following workflows:

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Palletizing and Depalletizing

Machine Tending

Bin Picking

Assembly, Locating, Gluing

Order Picking

Logistic Parcels

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Extensive Templates are available for multiple different applications

The studio includes templates so complex setup and programming can be skipped. Templates including:

Vision Studio's application templates
Application templates from Vision Studio

Easy configuration without writing code

Configure at ease with vision studio's intuitive flowchart-based graphical user interface. Flexible and easily adapt to different needs in challenging projects. User only needs to insert nodes into the flowchart, control the flow,and link the data flow, then a vision project is finished.

Vision Studio's application templates
Vision Studio GUI example

Customizable operator interface for specialized deployment

User can define the final monitoring window by adding own company logos or adjusting the styling to match own branding, and lastly operator scan run the application as simple as a “start” and “stop”.

Vision Studio's application templates
Operator Panel opened in Vision Studio

Learn & Support

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Online tutorials and offline support

Extensive documentation and tutorials are always accessible to help your team building your own pick and place application.

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Supporting major robot brands

DaoAI VIsion Studio simplifies the configuration and execution of robotic applications, and we are proud to support most major robotics brands.

If the brand you use is missing from this list, we are happy to provide a custom integration.

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Can the picking accuracy achieve 0.1mm - 0.2mm? Can the overall body be positioned?


Yes! Our picking accuracy can reach to 0.1mm to 0.2 mm! The overall body of the object can be positioned by using multiple cameras.

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