Capture with exceptional quality

High accuracy, high speed, HDR 3D point clouds to recognize a wider range of objects. Optimized for capturing objects with different surface finishes, including reflective and coloured.

Visual Output up to 2.3 MP

DaoAI 3D camera captures exceptional quality 3D data for applications such as bin picking, palletizing, and part loading.

The camera's visual output of 2.3 Megapixels enables the robot cell to instantly determine the location of an object.

High Precision up to 0.5mm

The camera's high precision of 0.5 mm enables it to efficiently distinguish fine-grain textures, resulting in high-quality three-dimensional photographs of dark, white, coloured, or reflective objects.

Capture objects both big and small

Our cameras provide high resolution and HDR clouds with a wide range of FOVs and working distances. The minimal special resolution is 0.5mm.

2.3 MP

HD Resolution


High Dynamic Range

Flexible Working Distance

Available from 0.5m to 3m

Every piece is important

Our cameras deliver point clouds with sub-pixel level accuracy for every corner, and every capture.

0.06 - 0.3mm


< 0.2%

Trueness Error

0.03 - 0.14mm

Repeatability Accuracy

Capture better images more easily

With our cameras, you can automatically select the best capture settings for different scenes. They enable you to get better point clouds with powerful filters to remove outliers, fill holes, and more.

Single Frame

Auto HDR

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